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Rob Austin Racing Update 2012

Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2012 @ 17:59:20 BST by audioc

Rob Austin A4Having not managed to get to any BTCC races this year, this meant that we hadn't managed to get to see Rob Austin Racing's A4 NGTC (Next Generation Touring Car) "in the flesh"- or, indeed, the "King of Cool", Rob Austin, himself.


Most of the updates regarding Rob and the team have been available through the excellent work the guys over at Audi Motorsport Blog do, but as the car was at the NEC for Top Gear Live with WIX Racing (Rob's sponsors for the final Rounds at the BTCC 2012 at Brands Hatch) it would be a missed opportunity seeing as the venue is only 16 miles from my house...

Rob Austin A4 NGTCThe car was on part of the BTCC display, complete with replica Dunlop Bridge (the race sponsors)- along with 3 other cars, including Jason Plato's MG (Who were asked to get a couple of photos of for our Facebook page)

If you exclude the "live" part of "Top Gear Live", everything is more or less situated in Hall 3- something you could do in an hour or so.

(Unless you spotted a certain A4 on display and stood there drooling.....)

Myself and photographer Mat managed to get a few photos in before the public really started to gather pace with various bits of kit, as well as managing to tweet some that eventually "hits" our facebook page, and we managed to have a quick chat with Rob just after the first autograph signing session of the day...

I asked Rob about lots of stuff, in a very short space of time (apologies for the barrage of questions, Rob!) and here's an overview of what was gleaned........

Rob & AndyRecently some parts from development/ testing/ racing were auctioned on EBay for Charity (wings, bumpers, valance, etc.)- in total around £1,000 was raised, so thanks to everyone that bid (and those that won!). Rob's hoping to have some more items to auction off for charity soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Rob -and the A4's- attendance next year is likely, but a lot depends upon funding; WIX (UK) appear to have been happy with the response so far, but funding for next year is still being discussed. Some of Rob's fans & supporters "sponsored" sections of the roof at various races towards the end of the season (ourselves included)- and the livery was still on the roof at this event (video available)- I asked if he was planning to do a similar thing next season. He saidRob Austin & WIX Racing A4 NGTC yes, but is hoping that if he secures the funding for the car for racing, money he raises through this way will go to charity instead....

I also asked him how Will managed to be faster than him in one of the races at Brands Hatch- this was due to the set up of the car- which Rob then used to assist with the setting up of his own car.. he said Will is fast, but it's the only time Will will beat him....

I don't think the car was being focus'd on...There's still a chance for fans to get "close to the action"- Rob's sponsors, WIX Racing, are running a competition that UK fans can enter before 31st October. The prize? You will spend a day at a Silverstone with Rob and his team where you will be given an in depth look at the car by the drivers and learn all about what goes into these amazing machines. You will then experience a Hot Lap with Rob Austin where you will feel the exhilaration of riding in the Team WIX BTCC Audi A4 which will truly be a day to remember. Everyone who registers will be sent a free WIX promo gift and will be entered into the draw to win the fantastic driving experience.

Want to enter? Click HERE - and good luck!


A full set of photographs are on our facebook page:-

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