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Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2003 @ 15:47:34 GMT by audioc finally goes live at the end of January 2003. The reason for this was a complete collapse of the old Audi Owners Club ( website in early January.The Audi Owners Club website was certainly getting busy:- 300 unique visitors every 12 hours, 3,600 page views per day and approximately 1Gb of data transferred per month. Plans were afoot to re do the site around Christmas, and make it more interactive, but looking at the useage, and the situation with the then service provider, it was obvious that the only way to go was through a dedicated web host, and came recommended. The whole system is based around phpnuke (, phpbb ( and various modules provided by third party developers under the gnu agreement. The whole system is flexible, and backups will be regularly maintained- unlike previously. The whole system has been paid for by Audi Owners Club founder, Andy Bowskill. (Guess what guys, the January issue of Audience will be delayed!!) The Audi Owners Club website will still be active, but there will be no interactive part. The reson for a new domain name was simple- cost. Moving the current domain name would have cost in the region of 50+- the new daomain name cost a fifth of that- and is more "global". One of the biggest and most active sites for Audi's- still goes on, and is not related to this in any way. is mainlt email based. This system isn't so restictive. Sure there will be teething problems along the way, but we hope that the site becomes the first stop for many Audi owners and enthusiasts- not just UK based either. Contributions and comments are welcome from everybody, just follow the links! Enjoy your surf. Andy.

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