Audi Cabriolet- roof fault guidance; technical tips; trim removal
Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 @ 22:10:16 BST
Author: audioc
Topic: Series 3 & 4 80, 90, Coupe & Cabriolet

Cotsie's (old) Audi Cabriolet

There are a LOT of common issues with the Audi 80 based Cabriolet; thanks to the forum members, help is at hand

The following links should help with most common issues:

Audi Cabriolet - Fixing the electric/ hydraulic roof:

Audi Cabriolet Faulty Roof  code 01095:

Audi Cabriolet Door Card Removal:

Audi Cabriolet Rear Interior Side Trim Panel Removal:

Audi Cabriolet Rear light panel removal/ refitting:

More information (and banter/ discussion) can be found in the forum specifically for the Cabriolet- over and above the Audi 80/ 90/ Coupe:

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