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Is your Car or Home Insurance policy up for renewal in December or January? If so, you may want to take a look at the following 👀

Were running a one-off competition to give a lucky winner a year of FREE UK breakdown cover worth 63! 🤩 and all you have to do to enter is call us up for a quote.

If you win, your Breakdown policy will give you:

Roadside Assistance
Onward Travel
Overnight Stay
24-hour Hire Car
Relief Driver
Message Relay
And more!

The competition will close at the end of January, so dont miss out! Call us on 0800 917 2274 for a quote today.

You can also find out more about the competition here:

*Ts&Cs can be found on the competition page.

All the best,


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I have been experiencing a rather worrying problem. If I am driving on a bad road with holy indentations, or over manhole covers the rear end wants to go somewhere else! Also if the road surface is good but smooth and wet the car can suddenly feel as if it was on ice. I went to the garage yesterday and the mechanic used forty minutes checking all the joints and found no worn components. After driving the car himself he suggested the shockers, but it feels normal when pressing down, could it be a broken spring? It is a very frightening feeling, and I had to stop yesterday when driving home as it felt as though the car could suddenly end up on the wrong side of the road. If the road is good and dry it is fine. I have heard that the subframe can crack on welding joints, is there any truth in this, I have my doubts here as I changed the subframe this summer. I live in the countryside so need transport. Also, I need to replace the rear tie rods which are almost extinct on this planet, are there substitutes maybe?
Thanks for any advice. Crying or Very sad
Hi All,
We can confirm our seasonal opening hours will be as follows:

Up to and including 22nd December: Normal Hours
Friday 23rd December: 9.00am 3.00pm
Christmas Eve: Closed
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: Closed
Tuesday 27th December: Closed
Wednesday 28th December: 9.00am 3.00pm
Thursday 29th December: 9.00am 3.00pm
Friday 30th December: 9.00am 3.00pm
New Years Eve: Closed
New Years Day: Closed
Monday 2nd January: Closed
Tuesday 3rd January: Normal Hours Commence

When it comes to buying or renewing your Car Insurance, I certainly know that it can get frustrating to be left on hold for ages and then be put through to someone in a vast call centre.

But at Chris Knott Insurance, we dont do that. If you ring us up for a quote, or need to have a question asked, youll be put through to our personal and experienced team in Hastings. Well be able to offer you sound and impartial advice to help you find the best insurance for your vehicle.

And dont forget that as a member of an Owners Club, we can secure you even better deals!

If youd like to find out for yourself, you can call us up on 0800 917 2274.

All the best,



Need convincing? Our reviews speak for themselves

I've been using Chris Knott brokers for the last few years now and can honestly say it's great to still have a service where you can pick up the phone and speak to them regarding any matter and receive a quick no wait response. The cost of insuring my vehicles through them compared to online search companies has been roughly the same, but the level of service is unbeatable in my opinion. They keep you regularly up to date with new services or changes in the law of car insurance and everything is clear and precise and I'm more than happy to suggest this company to my family and friends. I've been insured with many companies in the past as I am now in my mid 40s but truly they are far better than cheaper internet search companies. 
I phoned up on Saturday morning to accept my renewal invite and I also added my partner to my policy. Emma who dealt with my enquiry was really nice to deal with and very efficient taking my payment and emailing my documents on to me!

Fantastic bunch of folk who know what they're about. Jessica handled my insurance and was super. Most impressive thing was that they answered the phones in a reasonable time, rather than sitting for ages hearing those dreadful recordings from other companies about high call volumes - meaning they just don't employ enough staff Proper Old School company in the best sense of the phrase. 
Anybody looking for a 2.3e coupe ? 2 owners from new.
Ive added pictures in the for sale section.

the video shows how to change the valve stem seals without removing the cylinder head. When the cylinder head is installed, no mechanical collet chuck can be used for compressing the valve springs because the underside of the valves is not accessible. The valves will be held in position by compressed air in the cylinder, while the spring is clamped from above with a special pressing tool. In principle, this procedure can be applied on all engines with an overhead camshaft. The video shows the procedure on an
Audi GT 5S with 5-cylinder engine.

The video has a German soundtrack, but English subtitles are available on YouTube.

Enjoy it,

Hi folks,
Not sure of initial posting etiquette so I will start with an intro. I have been a member on here for 12yrs mainly using it for info and entertainment. I signed up as I had an AUDI 80 GTE B2 1986 which I loved and owned for 14yrs, fantastic cars. Now sold due to an offer too good to refuse. Then 80 Sport Quattro B3 1989 again sold, same reason. Due to it being impossible not too have an 80 in my life I have just bought an 80 auto 1990 with this engine. So any definitive answers to the title question would be great. Thanks in advance. Chaz80
Oxford based too.

I am searching for the two rear swingarms for my Quattro. I have searched in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and England and am waiting for a response from France! There are tons for the front wheels but nothing for the rear axle. Audi Tradition have the arms at over 500 each!
Will accept used parts. Thanks.

I have a 2 x2 adapter cable + a KKL multi-pin USB lead to connect to my Laptop.

It actually works on COM3 and I do see data on a few systems; immobiliser and central locking being available.

I have NOT subscribed to VCDS at a cost of $99; should I?

Some of you guys show VAG-COM Displays when checking roof opening sequence blocks. Will I ever get to this capability using LITE?

Any thoughts will be much appreciated.
Hi all, key fob has stopped working for central locking at the same time as I was fault finding central locking issues with boot lid interlock and roof NOT opening beyond the first 50mm ish!

What I know:
1 the tailgate servo-motor interlock moves but is not sending correct signal so roof does not open. Have shorted out 2 wires and roof now opens 100%. Searching for a used part at circa 80.

Vacuum pump sounds ok is working and on my car does have an integral remote module.

Note also that ignition key can be pulled out with engine running, Not ideal and may have corrupted alignment with central-locking????

QUESTION - how do I confirm if fob is working or if I need to source a replacement vacuum pump? A new vacuum unit is available from AUDI at a cost of 660!

It may be that I need to focus on a replacement steering lock and 2 keys before looking elsewhere? So many questions, I need help please.
Just bought a set from AUTODOC (Germany) and they arrived within 10 Days at a cost of 71 incl VAT. No extra Duty as under 135.
Article number was 996 447.

I also managed to get a Used set off EBay for 40.
Hi all, there used to be an Audi parts catalogue on one of the Audi forum sites but I cannot find it now, any body know where I can find it?
Rich ...
Hi Guys. Im after a front drivers side wing for a 1991 coupe 2.3 ng , non convertible. Can anybody help ?
Oops-error, my bad!

Parked up my 1993 16v Coupe (ACE Engine) up indoors 9 years ago and its not been started in 7+ years. No surprise it won't turn over now. Suspect starter motor gone. Battery fully charged, dash lighting up, getting 12v at solenoid. Cleaned battery earth contacts and inspected relay. Changed ignition barrel around 2 years before parked up so don't think its that. No clicking at starter.

Any advice on how to swap out starter ? Real difficult to get at. Did my A4 B7 recently which was a challenge but doable for a DIY'er like myself and didn't need to remove many other parts.

Also - does anyone know the Haynes Manual for this car ? Read on a US Forum that the Audi 100 / A6 Haynes covers ACE but don't want to buy as doesn't seem right??. This was only reference I could find as regards a manual for this car.

Want to get it back on road - rarely see a Coupe round these parts....

Thanks in advance
Aluminum is a light metal, and its compound is widely distributed in nature, and the amount of aluminum in the crust is second only to oxygen and silicon, ranking third. In all metal varieties, the yield is second only to steel, which is the second largest metal. The density of aluminum is 2.7103 g / cm3, about 1/3 of steel and copper density, and the specific gravity is 2.7. Aluminum has special chemistry, physical characteristics, not only lightweight, texture, but also has good ductility, conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and nuclear radiation, is an important foundation raw material for national economic development.

Aluminum rods perform non-ferrous metal industry standards (YS / T 67-2012) should be called "aluminum alloy round ingots", is the most important primary product after aluminum spindle and casting, is the main primitive of aluminum profiles, of which The <a>Aluminum rod</a> of the number 6063 is the widest range of breeds in the market.
Did you know that, at Chris Knott Insurance, we have a refer-a-friend scheme?

It means you can earn up to 20 off the price of your next renewal just by introducing new clients with no limit on the number of referrals you can make in a year!

As soon as you become a client with us, we issue you with a unique code, which your friends and family can use when they get a quote. If they go on to become a client, well automatically credit your account ready for your renewal. Simple!

If you need a reminder of your referral code or youd like to find out how much you could save with us please call 0800 917 2274 and mention this forum to receive the full benefit.

All the best,



After checking the comparison sites I decided to get a quote through Chris Knott's Alfa Romeo Owners Club. Not only were they able to beat all of the quotes that I had received this year, the policy that they offered me was less than I paid last year. The service was excellent, particularly as everyone was working from home as a result of the lockdown.
- Peter, Alfa Romeo Owners Club

Recently purchased insurance from Chris Knott. They were a recommended on a fb rs owners club. They called me the next day, extremely easy to deal and talk to. They asked what was the lowest cost I had. They came back to me in minutes and beat it. So payment was made. No stress. Done.
- Anthony, RS Owners Club

Have saved me a small fortune on my car insurance. Top notch Chris Knott. Dave

Hi Rob,
I didn't in the end, I've still got the bits, though i've since learned there's 2 types of stalk that look the same, but only one is a swap in replacement.
I did have a chat with someone at Tycho (connectors) regarding some other hard to find terminals (round ones used on lighting connectors) and they were apologetic but unhelpful, saying essentially OEM part numbers are privileged information that can only be shared with Audi. I'm fairly sure that the pins on the ECU are far more common though, and I reckon I've something that might fit, even if it's not got the audi part number stamped on it.

it's definitely on my to do list - so if you could share what information you have it would be very well recieved Smile
Nice one Gary! , photos would be nice,
you both well? , we still have the cab Very Happy
Cheers Chris
While clearing out the garage, I found various spares that I no longer need. Free to anyone arranging collection from the Reading area.
See my post in the 'Parts For Sale' section.



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