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Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 @ 16:22:03 GMT by audioc

We're pleased to announce two new sponsors for the site for the next 12 months; both are well known in their respective fields.

First up is Adrian Flux Insurance Services- I've used them myself in the past for both car- and home- insurance.

Adrian Flux Specialist Insurance for Audi Owners

Also, I am pleased to announce Support from Audi/ VW/ Skoda & Bentley specialists for North London- the multi-award winning Russell Automotive Centre (RAC) London.

London's Premier Independent Audi/ VW/ Skoda & Bentley specialist

I've met the owners of the business many years ago, and they go from strength to strength- as numerous awards will testify (many voted for by their customers).

Also- new in- Hoffman Car Parts.

Those of you old enough to remember VAG Parts? (Excellent prices and service)- these are not related in ANY way, BUT they offer the same deal- genuine parts at GREAT prices to "Joe public" (not everybody can use TPS)

Hoffman Genuine Audi Parts

On behalf of the site, I would like to say thanks for their support.

Please don't forget to mention the site when you contact either company.

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