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Posted by audioc on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 @ 07:23:25 GMT (8643 reads)
WesternAudi writes

I received this story in my email with my monthly Audi Newsletter. I figured everyone would be interested.

One million miles. That's the lofty goal Brian Burechails has for his 1986 Audi 4000 CS — and he has just 75,000 miles to go.

"When I get closer to the mark, I'll carry a video camera in the car," the 19-year-old Ontario native told us. "I want to record the odometer turning and the exact spot where I reach one million miles."

The Audi had over 800,000 miles, and was "up on blocks," when Brian bought it in 2001. Since then, he's refurbished the classic inside and out. "At the time, all I knew about Audi was that it had quattro, so I bought it as a winter car. But the minute I drove it, I knew this was the car I wanted to drive all the time."

Before he was an Audi aficionado, Brian was a speed enthusiast who loved working on cars. He'd tuned his previous car, a Camaro IROC, to over 400 hp, and once built a 65-mph lawn mower as a shop project. "I bolted a snowmobile engine onto a rider mower," he explained, "and tested it on a back road. It would have gone faster, but it was shaking so much I thought I'd better slow down."

Brian has turned his twin passions into a vocation: he's an Apprentice Service Technician at Crosby Audi in Kitchener, and has his eyes set on becoming a Master Technician.

And after the 4000 CS reaches its million-mile goal? "I drove the new A4 1.8 T quattro. That's my next Audi!"
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